Super fluffy pancakes

April 01, 2021

If I say pancakes I can only think of the American breakfast and in fact in the States there is even Pancake day, which falls on Shrove Tuesday, the last day of carnival, when it is possible to overeat before the food restrictions of Lent.

Yet I'm here to write to you because pancakes doesn't just mean excess sugar, gluten and glycemic peaks, but can turn into a balanced, healthy and varied preparation.

We work on two fronts: sugar and flour.

We drastically reduce the amount of sugar and replace it with sweeteners of different types, such as agave or maple syrup. Or we blend together with the flour some dried fruit such as sultanas, dates and dried figs, which will naturally sweeten our dough.

Another suggestion is to vary with the flours.

The OO or O that gives elasticity to the dough (especially if in the absence of eggs), can be reduced to represent only 1/3 of the total. This will be enough to guarantee us a sufficient gluten mesh, but without also depriving us of other precious nutrients. The remaining 2/3 can in fact be composed of a mix of other ground products.
Personally I like to mix several flours together, because they have both nutritional and cooking response characteristics. An example is the addition of hemp and rice flour. Or oatmeal and buckwheat. You can also add more protein flours, such as lentil or chickpea flour, this will make your pancakes much more nutritious.

The recipe that I propose has a very neutral base, it has neither lactose nor eggs and, if you like, you can make it in a salty version simply by omitting the sweetener and adding a pinch of salt (3-5 g). Thanks to the presence of baking soda, which in combination with lemon acts as a leavening agent, the pancakes in this recipe will be particularly soft and will not taste like yeast, which is not always liked (here the amount of baking soda is too small to have flavor).


Mix the dry ingredients, add warm water until you get a smooth batter and the seed oil (I recommend single seed: corn, sunflower, sesame ... and organic!). Leave to rest for an hour in the refrigerator and then cook on an iron pan of the Lionese type or with a non-stick. In any case, heat the pot well before adding a drizzle of oil and proceed with cooking.
Decorate and season to taste. In the photo I used blueberries and agave syrup.

I have developed a specific recipe based on hemp flour for the Terra Nuova magazine of March 2021. If you are interested in buying, this is the link.
Preparation time about 2 hours
Recipe: Super fluffy pancakes
Recipe: Super fluffy pancakes - 1

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