Vegan yoghurt with macha tea and mallow flowers for a super tasty breakfast

May 17, 2020

In general it is an excellent solution to ferment soya, because this process makes it much more digestible and annihilates the toxins that survive cooking (the phytates). 
Fermentation (like sprouting) in fact changes the chemical structure of the legume and the result are amino acids that our body is able to process more easily.

An unusual breakfast


125 grams of soy yoghurt
1 tablespoon of coconut butter at room temperature
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 teaspoon of macha tea
mallow blossoms 


Gently mix the yoghurt, coconut butter and maple syrup. Pour it all into a glass/cup and decorate with macha tea and mallow flowers.

How to make soy yoghurt

Notes about ingredients

To make yogurt you need soy milk (at the bottom of the page you can find the recipe for making it at home) and a starter, which is bacteria that allow the milk to ferment. You can recover the bacteria from a yoghurt already made (in this case make sure it is of good quality, organic, with an expiry date far away in time, so that they are still alive and at room temperature). Or you can inoculate probiotics that you can buy at the pharmacy. 
Since not everyone has a yogurt maker, here is the prescription without it.


1 lt of soy milk
125 gr of organic soy yoghurts or 8.5 gr of ferments
1 kitchen thermometer
some sterilized glass jars (to sterilize them, put them in the oven, bring the temperature to 100°C and then wait for them to cool without touching them).


If it is homemade soy milk, boil the milk, then put out the fire and wait until the milk drops to 42°C (this is the temperature at which the sugars ferment). 
Introduce the soy yoghurt or ferments, stir well and pour everything into sterilized jars. 
Preheat the oven to 50°C, then turn it off and turn on the light bulb. Put the jars in the oven and wait for 10-12 hours (without ever turning off the oven light).

Now I will give you some directions to make soy milk at home, so you can use a genuine, simple and cheap product. And then we will proceed with the yogurt.

How to make soy milk

150 gr of organic yellow soya
3 lt of water for soaking
1.5 lt of water for cooking
1 pinch of salt (3 gr)
1 cotton etamine or a cloth not too thickly woven, washed in water and bicarbonate of soda (so that there is no residue of detergent or starch).


Soak the soy beans for 24 hours in 3 litres of water. Drain them and blend them for a few minutes with the remaining water. Add a pinch of salt. Pour everything into a high-sided pot and bring to the boil. Cook for 10', stirring often so that it doesn't stick. Then turn off the heat and let it cool. Filter with etamine to separate the milk from okara, the waste vegetable fiber (which you can use to make meatballs, meatballs, cakes or cookies).
Recipe: Vegan yoghurt with macha tea and mallow flowers for a super tasty breakfast
Recipe: Vegan yoghurt with macha tea and mallow flowers for a super tasty breakfast - 0

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