Lemon crisp vegetagles noodle

September 14, 2018


320 gr of rice noodles
1/2 Roman cabbage
1 carrot
1 cup of bean sprouts
2 fresh onions or 1 red onion 
organic Shoyu soy sauce
1 organic lemon
Organic sunflower seed oil

Put a pot on the stove with plenty of water.

Clean all the vegetables, preparing the cabbage for small buds, the carrot and the spring onion (or onion) to julienne. 

Pour 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil onto a previously heated wok and, when hot, add all the vegetables. Stir and cook over high heat for about 8/10 minutes.

In the meantime, when the water is boiling, throw the spaghetti, add a pinch of coarse salt and cook for 2 minutes, then drain the spaghetti with a plier and a colander so as not to break them and pour them into the wok.

Mix the noodles with the vegetables, adding a splash of soy sauce. Turn off the heat, pour the lemon juice and serve hot or at room temperature.
Recipe: Lemon crisp vegetagles noodle

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