Sweet shortcrust cardamom pastry with coconut cream

October 10, 2020

5 Ingredients

Pumpkin Pumpkin 900 gr
Red chili Red chili 2
Cane sugar Cane sugar 400 gr
Water Water 80 gr
Nuts Nuts 1 handful

Limitations and strengths

Dessert is not really my specialty, but every now and then I try to try to overcome this limit. A prejudice I have towards pastry, I admit. Because I've always been told that precision is needed, while my cooking is made up of grams and calculations, but much more often of feeling and improvisation.

For this cardamom shortcrust pastry I used the same recipe as the vegan shortcrust pastry with turmeric, replacing the turmeric with 1 tablespoon of cardamom powder.

Before putting it in the oven, I spread 200 grams of pumpkin jam, walnuts and chilli pepper on the surface, but you can use the jam you like best. However, I leave you the recipe at the bottom.

For the cream I followed in the footsteps of tuttogreen.it and I must say that the result was amazing.
To serve it I finally sprinkled the cream with powdered cardamom.

Pumpkin, walnut and chilli jam:

Put all the ingredients, except the walnuts, in a blender and blend them. Then pour them into a large pot and cook over low heat for about 2 hours, stirring often and adding hot water if necessary.
Add the walnuts only at the end, mix well and turn off the heat. Sterilize the jars (in the oven, 100 ° C for 10 'with relative caps and then let it cool in the oven) and then put the jam in jars when it is still boiling, turning the jar upside down immediately, in order to vacuum seal it.
Recipe:  Sweet shortcrust cardamom pastry with coconut cream

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