Mediterranean style aubergines with a veggie variant

May 17, 2020

his can be a tasty main course, or, if you use long eggplant instead of round and purple, you will get slices with a much smaller circumference, so that the same dish can become an appetizer.

Ingredients for 4

2 round purple aubergines
4 piccadilly cherry tomatoes
1 lump of tofu
2 tablespoons of white miso
2 tablespoons of umeboschi acidulate
4 basil leaves
evo oil, salt and pepper


Wash the aubergines and cut them into regular slices of about 1 cm. Keep only the central slices, which are quite similar in size, (you can use the rest of the eggplant to make an eggplant with mushrooms, or a simple sauce with tomato and basil). Salt the aubergines and place them on a slanted chopping board covered with paper towels. Let them purge for about 2 h, then rinse and dry them with a clean cotton kitchen cloth.
Bring to temperature an iron pot (I use lionese) or a wok with 4 tablespoons of evo oil. Lay the slices down and toast them on both sides. Put them aside. 

Chop the tofu with a knife, put it in a bowl and mix it with white miso and umeboshi. 

Slice the thin tomatoes, put them on a plate and salt them lightly.

Place a slice of eggplant, a layer of cherry tomatoes, the tofu ragout and another slice of eggplant. 

Decorate with basil and serve at room temperature.
Recipe: Mediterranean style aubergines with a veggie variant
Recipe: Mediterranean style aubergines with a veggie variant - 0

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