No oven super soft and easy bread

May 15, 2020

Another of my experiments with the Versilia oven, looking for an alternative to the classic oven (which has now definitively passed away) and looking forward to moving in next month.

Here is a fluffy donut-shaped bread, which amazed me a lot for its yield. As you will see from the recipe, it is a mix of flours: from the richest and most wholemeal to the reinforcement flours, such as 00 or manitoba. A good balance between the flours allows us to obtain a bread rich in nutrients but at the same time also elastic, soft, well leavened and with the right degree of humidity.

Ingredients for 1 bread

100 gr of rice flour
100 gr of spelled flour
100 gr of re-milled semolina flour
100 gr of durum wheat flour
200 gr of 00 flour
200 gr of manitoba flour
700 ml of water
40 gr of extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
10 gr of brewer's yeast
1 teaspoon of barley malt


Put the water in a large bowl. Dissolve the yeast and barley malt in half a cup of warm water. Add the dissolved yeast to the water, the oil, mix the flours together and slowly pour them into the water, incorporating them into the liquid in a gentle way. The dough should remain fairly soft.
Finally add the salt.

Oil the Versilia oven and sprinkle it with re-milled semolina to prevent the bread from sticking during cooking.

Pour the dough into the oven, cover it with the lid and let it rest until the dough has doubled in volume.

Put the oven on the fire (with the diffuser of flames that they sell supplied), for the first 5 'with the fire at maximum and then with the fire at minimum.
The bread cooks in 45 ', during which it would be better not to open the lid. If you want to do a baking test, you can prick the bread with a long toothpick, passing through one of the holes in the lid.

Once ready, remove it from the Versilia oven and let it cool on a perforated grill, so that the steam does not condense.
Recipe: No oven super soft and easy bread
Recipe: No oven super soft and easy bread - 0

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