Spicy veggie rice bowl

May 12, 2020

Chili pepper divides the world, a bit like coriander. Either you love it, or you hate it. I love him, but I have to go extremely cautious because of a bad pepper allergy that sometimes hugs even their little spicy friends. But every now and then I give it to myself anyway. A fresh, tasty and sincere chilli pepper that floods the palate not only with its spiciness but also with its marked flavor.
Here I propose it in combination with a rice salad based on many crunchy vegetables.

Ingredients for 4

320 gr of rosa marchetti rice (that is organic and 
biodynamic Italian rice. If you are curios, here you can find it).
2 carrots
2 small courgettes
10 asparagus
1 cup of fresh peas
1 fresh onion
1 clove of garlic
10 basil leaves
1 piece of fresh chili
Evo oil, salt


Boil the rice. As usual I propose cooking with pilaf method (1 part of rice, 1 parts of cold water, low heat and lid until all the water is absorbed), which allows you to preserve the rice starches, which are rich in nutrients for our organism, which we will otherwise throw by draining the water.

Here you can deepen the topic if you are curious.

Wash and peel the carrots. Dice carrots, courgettes. Wash and slice the asparagus thinly (keeping the tips intact). Clean and slice the onion and garlic.

In a wok brown the garlic and onion with the carrots, after 2 minutes add the peas. After 5 minutes also add the asparagus (except the heads) and salt slightly. Cook another 5 minutes then add the asparagus heads, mix well and turn off the heat.

Wait half an hour for the vegetables to come to room temperature. Then mix them with the rice together with the thinly sliced ​​basil leaves (chiffonade). Finally slice the piece of chilli pepper and decorate the dish with these red and spicy slices.

Serve at room temperature or cold.
Recipe: Spicy veggie rice bowl
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Recipe: Spicy veggie rice bowl - 1

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