Macha tea green tortelli

March 21, 2020

For the pasta you can use either a classic dough (100 g of flour for 1 egg), or a water-based pasta (100 g of flour for 45 ml of water). In both cases, 20 g of macha green tea powder must be added per person. This gives the dough a slightly drier consistency, which I balanced with a few drops of water (yes a few drops are enough!) So that everything is slightly more humid.

Put all the ingredients in the planetary mixer, activate level 1 and proceed gradually to 4, until the dough is a nice homogeneous ball.

Otherwise, place the flour on a pastry board and insert the eggs (or water) in the hole in the center, absorbing the flour with the liquid part with a circular movement of the fork. Then work the dough with the palm of your hand until you get the coveted ball.

Place the dough covered with a cloth in the refrigerator for half an hour. Then I turn this Italian link to you which is very exhaustive and allows you to follow the procedure for rolling out the pasta and making the tortelli step by step (from 6'17 '').
You can follow the instructions on the video and use this recipe which I transcribe below as a filling.

For the stuffing:

1 handful of mixed herbs (chard and chicory) previously peeled, boiled for 15 'in salted water and well squeezed, so that they lose excess water.
6 tablespoons of almond ricotta
1 teaspoon Sichuan pepper
1 tablespoon of yeast flakes

The herbs are chopped with a knife and placed in a bowl, then mixed with the ricotta, pepper and yeast. If the dough turns out to be too soft, you can add a spoonful of breadcrumbs, which will absorb excess moisture.
The correct consistency of the dough will ensure that the tortello does not become holes during cooking, with the consequent leakage of the filling. Closing the tortello (by moistening the flaps) is also very important. They must be closed carefully and, with the help of your fingers, you must let out all the air around the filling, so that no empty bubbles form.

For the sauce

Homemade purée
2 handfuls of pickled olives
1 clove of garlic
4-5 fresh basil leaves
extra virgin olive oil

The sauce is very simple. Crush and then finely chop the garlic, put it in a pan with the sauce and olives. Cook for about ten minutes and, once the fire is out, add a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and basil leaves.

These tortelli have the particularity of having a bitter and grassy note in the pasta, given by macha tea, and a sweet / bitter filling, given by the combination of almond ricotta and herbs.

As a filling variant you can add a lemon zest.

Recipe: Macha tea green tortelli
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