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Vegetable cooking pills 2020

December 02, 2020

We will meet in remote mode with an appointment a week to learn about some aspects of natural plant-based cuisine.

- 2 December: velvety and winter soups
- 9 December: sauces, gravies and pesto for the cold months
- 16 December: cooking tofu and tempeh
- 23 December: vegan sweets without sugar
- 30 December: knowing how to use spices

You can sign up for the entire course or choose the theme you like best.
Given the particular period, the courses will be held on the Zoom platform.

It will be possible to follow the entire lesson as a spectator or participate actively, making the dish live and at the same time as me. In fact, I will be able to follow you in detail, giving you the right support if you need it.
Three days before I will send you the shopping list and the tools you will need to make the dishes provided.
For detailed information on the course and for reservations: contact me

Cookeneim is a cooking project from Francesca Luise - Venice, Italy.

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