Fermented radishes

March 11, 2020

A quick recipe to make to preserve radishes through a light fermentation based on umeboshi, the acidulated made with Japanese salted plums. The inspiration was given to me by the course I followed at the Joia Academy in Milan, I only slightly changed the relationship between water and umeboshi based on my personal taste.

Ingredients for 4

Warm water
Acidulate of umeboshi
Glass jars with relative cap


Wash the jars and lids thoroughly and put them in the oven 10 'at 100 ° C to sterilize them. Leave them in the oven until they have cooled down.

Wash the radishes very well, clean them of any impurities, roots and leaves. Put them in the jars until they fill, leaving about 2 cm of empty space from the edge.

Mix the water with l'umeboshi. For 100 gr of water put 60 gr of umebosci. Pour the liquid into the jars until all the radishes are covered.

Close the jars (not hermetically, because they must be free to vent) and store in a dark and cool environment for 5 days before tasting them.

If desired, you can add other vegetables in addition to radishes.
For example, cauliflower and carrot tops, which will acquire a beautiful complexion thanks to the umboshi and the color of the radish which will disperse in the liquid.
Recipe: Fermented radishes

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