Mixed dish Ist part - violet cabbage strudel

October 13, 2018

Here is a real mixed dish, which is a bit 'my specialty: P
Here I propose a series of summer recipes that fit well with both taste and nutrients. Being rather rich recipes, they adapt well to be served in small doses, perhaps combining a salad of rocket and radicchio in the same dish.

The cookeneim mixed plate consists of:
- Savory strudel with red cabbage in sweet and sour sauce, Roman pecorino cheese and raisins.
- aubergines with yogurt sauce
- stuffed tomato
- brown rice with peas, carrots, spring onions and turmeric.

This time I will tell you the recipe for strudel:

Cabbage strudel

For pasta:
- 200 g of flour,
- 1 egg
- 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil
- 2 glasses of water.
- fine salt

Make the fountain with the flour, add the egg, oil and water. Work the dough long, to make it smooth and elastic. When it is ready, let it rest covered with a dishcloth (if it is too hot, you can put it in the fridge).

For the stuffing:
1 purple cabbage
1 handful of raisins
1/2 glass of apple vinegar
4 tablespoons of grated pecorino romano
salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil

Cut 1 large cabbage to julienne. In a wok heat 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, when hot, add the cabbage and mix well. Add salt slightly, blend with half a glass of apple vinegar and allow the liquid to evaporate. Meanwhile, soak the raisins in a bowl of hot water. When the cabbage is cooked (but still crunchy) remove it from the heat. It will take about 10 minutes of cooking. Then let it cool.

Roll out the dough from the thin strudel. Lay a strip of cabbage at one end, cover with the pecorino cheese and the raisins, then roll it up, taking care to seal the edges with a little water (which will be used as if it were glue)

Bake at 180 degrees for half an hour, then check and possibly extend the cooking for 10 minutes.
Recipe: Mixed dish Ist part - violet cabbage strudel

Cookeneim is a cooking project from Francesca Luise - Venice, Italy.

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