Green cabbage and pomegranate with dill mustard vinaigrette

February 28, 2018

Ingredients for 4:

For the salad

1 medium-sized cabbage
1 large pomegranate

For the vinaigrette

- 1 tablespoon of yellow mustard seed
- 1 tuft of fresh dill
- 1 arancia (juice)
- Extra virgin olive oil, coarse salt, white pepper


Wash the green cabbage, slice it very thinly (using a mandolin or a slicer). Salt it with a handful of coarse salt and place it in a pan.

Shell the pomegranate, taking care to remove all the white 'skin'.

Toast mustard seeds on a non-stick pan, then crush with a mortar 'till they become a powder.

In an immersion blender pour the orange juice, the mustard, a drizzle of olive oil and emulsify them, making up and down with the blender so that the vinaigrette incorporates air and 'mountains'.

Rinse the cabbage with cold water and place it on a cloth for about half an hour, so that it dries. Then put it in a salad bowl with pomegranate, vinaigrette and minced dill.

Serve as a side dish or as a fresh appetizer, combining it simply with slices of toasted bread, sprinkle with white pepper.
Recipe: Green cabbage and pomegranate with dill mustard vinaigrette

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