Super creamy and protein summer sauce

July 20, 2020

Here is a very easy spreadable cream, which you can use to make croutons as an aperitif, with accompanying sauce for a pinzimonio or as a condiment for a nice summer spaghetti, fresh and enveloping. It is a very quick recipe to make, therefore perfect for those hot August days where there is no desire to approach a stove.

Ingredients for 4

1 handful of baby spinach
1 stick of silken tofu
1 sprig of verbena odorosa or luigia grass (5-6 leaves)
1 teaspoon grated lemon zest
1 cup of salted peanuts (just the ones you use for an aperitif!)
extra virgin olive oil, black pepper


Wash the spinach, the luigia herb and the lemon. Grate the zest.
Put all the ingredients in a blender and reduce everything to a cream ... et voila! The game is done ;)
Recipe: Super creamy and protein summer sauce

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