Very healthy no oven bread with hemp flour and nuts

May 22, 2020

In recent years, the use of hemp products, including flour, has been gradually spreading.
Hemp flour is made from sativa hemp seeds, which are naturally THC-free (so it has no psychotropic effects, like indica), but has many useful nutrients.

Compared to a common 00 flour, hemp flour has much less calories (-20%), is gluten free (so it is also suitable in cases of allergies and intolerances). It should also be pointed out that hemp is rich in omega 3, omega 6, mineral salts, fibre and vitamin E, and has all 8 essential amino acids.

Hemp has a very compelling history: used since ancient times (for more than 10,000 years) it was widely cultivated in the United States until the early 1930s (its name in English, hemp, is a prefix for geographical areas such as Hempshire, because there were important areas cultivated with hemp).
If you want to deepen the subject from which I have taken this info: (in ita).

And here we are to the recipe. To make this bread I used a mix of flours: hemp, spelt, regrind semolina, 00 and manitoba. I used the latter two as reinforcement, while hemp and spelt (together) make up 1/3 of the weight of my dough.
Usually when I use wholemeal or gluten-free flours, I tend to mix them together, in order to have more nutrients and a variegated bread texture (ranging from the thinnest and most refined to the roughest).
Of course all the products I use are organic (certified and not), I take this for granted ;)

This bread is made with the Versilia oven, but you can also bake it in a pot (cast iron) in the oven.


135 gr hemp sativa flour
135 gr of spelt flour
100 gr of ground semolina
50 gr of coarsely chopped walnuts
200 gr flour 00
200 gr of manitoba
10 gr of dried sourdough starter
40 gr of evo oil
700 gr of water
1 tablespoon of barley malt

1 tablespoon of evo oil and 1 tablespoon of ground semolina to flour the oven Versilia


Put the water and oil in a bowl, along with the malt. Sift the flours together and pour them slowly into the liquid, stirring a little at a time to absorb them. Little by little introduce the yeast and lastly the salt and the chopped walnuts. Help yourself with a planetary (if you have one), operating it at minimum speed. The dough will remain quite soft.

Oil the oven Versilia and sprinkle it with semolina, so the bread will not stick. Pour the dough, cover it with a clean cloth and let it rise until it has doubled its volume. 

Put the oven on the fire at maximum, let it go like this for 5 minutes until the pot is heated evenly, after which lower it to the minimum and let it cook for about 45'-50'. Check the cooking using long appetizers, which should be pushed through the holes in the lid (which should never be raised during cooking).
Recipe: Very healthy no oven bread with hemp flour and nuts

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