Green leaves cauliflowers cream

March 27, 2020

Do you know the green leaves of cauliflower? How many times have you not known what to do?

Usually they are used for soups or to flavor a vegetable broth. Here I propose a very simple recipe to use them creatively.


The green leaves of a cauliflower
Zest and 1/2 orange juice
chili pepper powder
extra virgin olive oil, salt

Wash the leaves carefully because they are usually the part with the most soil residues. Bring plenty of water to a boil, when it boils, add salt and cook the leaves for 20 minutes.

Aside put some ice in a bowl (water can be enough, as long as it's really cold). Drain the cauliflower leaves and put them in the bowl for 10 ', then drain them again. Blend them with a blender together with the extra virgin olive oil, the juice and the peel of orange and chilli pepper until you obtain a homogeneous cream. If necessary, season with salt.

You can flavor this cream, as an alternative to chilli, with Sichuan pepper, sumac, lemon peel, smoked paprika, depending on your taste and the dish you want to accompany it with.

You can use the cream to season a pasta or rice, to make a bruschetta or to stuff a sandwich.
Recipe: Green leaves cauliflowers cream
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