Cauliflower belongs to the Cruficerae family and is a real natural source of minerals and vitamins. It has an important amount of iron which makes it useful against anemia. In the cauliflower are also present calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, magnesium and trace elements. The cauliflower contains vitamins of the B9 group (otherwise known as folic acid), especially important for pregnant women because it ensures the brain development of the fetus and B1, which helps the transformation of glucose into energy. It also has vitamin C. In general, cauliflower regulates blood pressure and has a significant anti-inflammatory power, especially if used raw. In this regard, raw food is a sort of 'cous cous' gluten free based on minced cauliflower and then seasoned to taste with, for example, dried tomatoes, walnuts, granulated almonds and aromatic herbs.

Recipes with Cauliflower

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